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Turk Free Trade Zone (www.turkfreezone.com) is an international B2B free trade site which was established with the aim of exhibiting the products of the companies, especially small and common sized companies (SMEs), domestic and international trade.

Turkish Free Trade Zone website, B2B is a trade site between companies, please do not use for your small ads.

1- Product - Demand Entry
2- Member Registration
3- Member Password
4- Company Information
5- Member Update
6- Receiving and Sending Bids

To enter new products in the Turkish Free Zone (www.turkfreezone.com), first go to the related sector,
Enter New product button to enter your product or request.

You can also log in to your membership account and select Product menu and add product / demand (Sales / Buy).
The products and demands entered are checked after they are checkedis publishing. Unsuitable entries are canceled.
Please enter your product and request information accurately and completely.
This will allow you to get more qualified offers and to set up your business connections more quickly.

You can enter your product and demand information in your language.
If your offer/product is for export or import, it is recommended to fill in English. As you know, Turkish Free Trade Zone website is published in all languages ​​and the same offers and demands are published in all languages.

Products and requests are published until you remove them.
If you want a request or product to be removed from the publication, simply log in to your account and remove it from your product list. The product removed from the product can be re-released later.
In Turkish Free Trade Zone, your products and offers are published with images.

Free Members
- They can see all the products published and offer. - They can enter only 1 (one) product. For Gold/Business membership and terms, visit the Gold/Business Membership page.

You must be a member in order to publish product-demand in Turkish Free Trade Zone (turkfreezone.com) and to bid against the product and demand you have found.
Membership is free and brings no obligation to you.
Non-member visitors can only see products and demands.
Trade on Turkish Free Trade Zone is made between member firms.

The e-mail address you enter when filling out the membership form must be the correct one and the e-mail address you follow.
Because this e-mail address will be your membership name in the Turkish Free Trade Zone and you will have a communication e-mail in all offers.
E-mail addresses are not open to visitors. Company email is not shown to visitors.
Communication is safe in Turkish Free Trade Zone.

When filling out a member form, the requested password is NOT your own e-mail password.
This is the password you will use in Turkish Free Trade Zone.(TurkFreeZone.Com)
If you forget the password, select the Forgot password option will be sent to your e-mail address immediately.
You can always change your password from the password update menu in your account.

Please check the accuracy of the company information that you enter while filling out the member form.
This will be the first reference for the companies that want to trade with you.

If you want to make changes to your company information and your product information, you can enter your TurkFreeZone.Com membership account and change all the information.

In Turk Free Zone (TurkFreeZone.Com) you can bid on the products exhibited and get offers for your products and demands.
Turkish companies in Turkish and other countries in English.
So whether the Turkish or English section of the offer of products and demands of Turkish companies will come in the headlines in Turkish, a foreign firm's product in the form of the filled in the form of the headline will go to the opposite side in English.